Structure of the Order

The Order of St. Cyprian of Antioch, is governed by a general chapter and the Prior General of the Order, under the auspices of the Presiding Archbishop of the ELU.

From this structure, one can see that the Order is both universal and a communion. Thus, the Order draws strength from a robust unity centered on the Prior General of the Order, its head, with whom all members are directly linked by profession. The communitarian character of the Order is seen in the levels of shared government.

The Cyprianite Approach to Democracy

Fundamental to the life of the members is that we gather in Chapter [essentially, in meetings] to make decisions about our life and mission. These decisions are said to be made in a democratic process because the members in Chapter engage in debate leading to voting.

What is Cyprianite about this kind of democracy is that it is primarily concerned with the needs of the Order, rather than the will of the majority: our democracy is only Cyprianite if our debating and voting is an attempt to understand and live the Charism of the Order.

General chapter

Together with the Prior General of the Order, the General Chapter is the highest level of authority in the Order. Every three years, full professed members meet in General Chapter to consider the mission of the whole Order.