2018 marks the first annual Order of St. Cyprian of Antioch “Black Crozier” award – an award recognizing outstanding Cyprianic contributions to the broader occult community. Note, “Cyprianic” contributions need not be on/about St. Cyprian, but instead “in the manner of” – that is, material from disparate sources, ancient and modern, made new and available for present-day practitioners.

Out of 9 nominees, I am pleased and excited to announce that the three finalists for 2018 were:

Aidan WachterJason Miller, and Jeffrey S. Kupperman

The recipient of the Black Crozier award was selected by vote of the Order membership from among the three finalists, and was announced on Sept. 26th:

JASON MILLER – Black Crozier recipient, 2018

On behalf of myself, the Prior Provincials, professed members and the novitiate of the Order of St. Cyprian of Antioch, congratulations to all three of this years finalists, and thank you all for your contributions!

+Mal Strangefellow, OSC
Prior General of the Order
Prior Provincial, Central Province