About the OSC

The Order of Saint Cyprian of Antioch is an international ecumenical, uncloistered, and dispersed Esoteric Christian religious Order composed of women and men, ordained and lay, single and married, oriented toward spiritual growth via the practices of Theurgy and Thaumaturgy as understood and practiced through the charism of Saint Cyprian of Antioch. Members seek contemporary meaning in traditional forms of magic and prayer, combining the rich traditions of the past with an exploration of contemporary mysticism and ritual.


Briefly put, a charism is an approach to spirituality as exemplified by the life of a particular saint. So what do we see when we look at the accounts of the life of Saint Cyprian of Antioch? What themes emerge from those who pray to him?

– The pursuit of knowledge, and the ability to understand “secret doctrines” with clarity

– The Power to Preserve from Evil Intents / protection from supernatural harm

– The Power to Intervene on behalf of those bound by hexes, bewitching, and possessed of evil,

– And the Power to Command Spirits / Necromancy

In attempting to discern a Cyprian Charism, then… we may distill it to “Pursuit of Hidden Wisdom, Benevolent Protection, and the Command of Spirits.”


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